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Jotham S.

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Top 1% online tutor from Beverly Hills, CA (Science)

About me

Hey, I'm Jo. Whether you've got a chemistry final coming up, want to ace the AP exam, or just need some help with your homework, I'm your guy. I got my chemistry degree and lab certification at the University of Southern California, and have been a teacher and a tutor ever since. I've helped countless students with their questions, and I'd love to help you out with yours. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

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I've been a private tutor in chemistry for three years I've taught all grade levels - elementary, middle, and high school, as well as some college


University of Southern California



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David L.
1 on 1: $50 / hr
Columbia University
Hi! Welcome! My name is David Lian, and I am currently an undergraduate at Columbia University in the city of New York. I am especially passionate about math and science and am happy to help you or your child succeed as a student! During my time in high school, I gained experience tutoring kids math in my town as part of my high school's math tutoring club, and I saw the impact of making learning engaging firsthand. I know the frustration of bad teaching, and as your math or science tutor, I want to be as clear as possible when explaining so that YOU can actually understand. Credentials: In high school, I received A's/A+'s in every high school class and was ahead in math. I scored 800 on the SAT Math section, 800 on the SAT Math Level II, and received a 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam. College classes: Multivariate Calculus, Heat Electricity and Optics, Ordinary Differential Equations, Modern Physics, Honors Mathematics A, Honors Mathematics B, Accelerated Physics I, Accelerated Physics II Other tests: AP Physics C Mechanics: 5 AP Chemistry: 5 AP Statistics: 5 AP Computer Science A: 5 AP Psychology: 5 AP World History: 5 AP US History: 5 AP Macroeconomics: 5 AP English Language and Composition: 5 SAT Chemistry: 800 Research Experience: Nanomagnetism Lab - Used magnetron sputtering machine to build sensors, worked to build faraday cage to block Electromagnetic interference Cancer Lab - Employed both computer modeling and experimental studies to try to identify small molecule compounds that can inhibit the Hippo pathway to potentially slow down the metastatic growth of cancer cells
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Corban E.
1 on 1: $45 / hr
Grace College and Theological Seminary
My main goals are to make chemistry a little more predictable, and much less stressful for students, and to create chemistry materials for education that are useful to both teachers and students. \\ I’m 27, and graduated from college in December 2015. From August 2015 through June 2020, I taught AP Chemistry and Chemistry 1 at a public high school in Indiana. \\ In June 2017, I began writing AP Chemistry test questions on Since 2017, I've continued to write AP chemistry curriculum for Albert, and also write for,, and other companies on Upwork as a freelancer. I write test questions and curriculum materials for AP and college chemistry. \\ I have mostly tutored students in AP Chemistry, IB Chemistry, and General Chemistry 1&2 (in college). \\ Outside of work, I enjoy time with my wife and our dog, playing guitar and piano, video games, and pretending I know things about technology. I cook a pretty delicious cast-iron steak. \\ Currently, I’m writing curriculum content for AP Chemistry and O-level chemistry for different companies, and tutoring Chemistry at various levels - AP, IB, General Chemistry 1&2 in college, ACE, and O-level. \\ If you're in AP chemistry - I know exactly what is and is not on the test. I can recall past questions from memory, and can help you learn exactly what you need to know for these topics, and what would and would not be given points on the free response section.