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Corey S.
1 on 1: $80 / hr
Trenton State College - Master's Degree in Education
My name is Corey Saines and I have 24+ years experience teaching mathematics at an in-person high school. For 23 years of that journey, I taught AP Calculus AB and Algebra 2 and have prepared hundreds of students for the AP exam and College Calculus. When a student says "I don't understand", I use my wit, creativity, and deep sea of math knowledge from breaking down these topics over 24+ years of teaching. I've taught thousands of high school students and never failed to find a relatable or humorous perspective that a student couldn't grasp. Graduate level brain research courses have taught me that new ideas are not stored in your mind chronologically. Instead, new ideas connect to established concepts that your student already understands. So, established concepts and skills have a natural "stickiness" to them...just waiting for new concepts to be compared to them. My clever and zany use of analogies keeps students entertained and engaged while connecting new skills to what your student already knows. My specialty and joy is to help your student find a way to relate to the beauty of mathematics and become a logical, procedural, and more confident creative thinker. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Mr. Saines has gone the extra mile to help me understand mathematics and now I intend to do a lot more than I would have if he had not been my math teacher. " - Keith R. "You are the only math teacher that explained everything in a way that I understood." - Kate C. "With the solid foundation in higher mathematics that Mr. Saines provided, our son, Chris, has succeeded in a mechanical engineering program at Colorado School of Mines." - Bill W. "Trigonometry is something I know I won't use in my lifetime. However, he [Mr. Saines] helps the class understand how it might apply to solving everyday problems. If a student does not understand what is going on he rephrases what he says and makes sure that each individual student is able to do his/her homework. His lessons are entertaining and interesting. The class flies by and I come out of it feeling like I actually learned something. He is a gifted teacher and qualified to do any task asked of him." - Rebecca U. "Mr. Saines is a very good teacher, and is much better than any other math teacher I have been taught by. His ability to connect with his students, plus his exceptional teaching has really impressed me. He helps students effectively, quickly, and efficiently. His sharp wit and delightful personality make his class one to look forward to, a rare quality in a math teacher." - Jim F. "Mr. Saines has a variety of creative and effective teaching methods. This variety ensures understanding of material to all students, which is important, as math does not come easy for the majority of students. Mr. Saines manages to maintain calmness throughout the entire class hour, which promotes calmness among students. Mr. Saines is patient and tolerant of all students and their individual learning styles and needs. He treats each student with respect." - Annie C. "Thank you for always being there and helping me through your class." - Brock B. "When I had you for Calculus it always excited me to go to class. I know I would have a good time and learn." - Elliot S. "The journey to get to this point [the completion of Calculus] has been difficult and I couldn't have done it without your help and guidance through the last few years." - Kayla D. "You are by far the best teacher I've ever had. You made me a stronger student by making me a more confident individual." - Riley B. "Out of all the teachers I've had thus far, Mr. Saines stands out for his unique teaching approach, his exuberant nature, and the endless encouragement he gives his students. One of the first things you notice about him is his approach to education is how unconventional he can be. It is one thing to simply teach content, but another to morph it into a new concept that makes more sense than the original topic. Mr. Saines’ teaching style helped me grasp concepts easily, succeed in class, and pay more attention to what was going on." - Julie H. "Mr. Saines is dedicated to bringing out the best in students, challenging them to think critically, setting expectations high, and receiving quality outputs. He is organized, plans effective lessons, and naturally reflects on his teaching practices - in search of continued improvement." - Victoria S. (my Assistant Principal) "Corey is a truly gifted educator. His content knowledge is vast, having taught many different levels of mathematics and computer science courses at our high school. He will surely have a positive effect on any students he works with." - Erin S. (fellow Math Teacher) "Corey's content knowledge of secondary mathematics is exceptional! His colleagues often come to him for help when they are struggling to solve challenging problems in other math content areas. [He has] ....great rapport with his students....creative in his explanations of the math concepts...enabling his students to grasp and remember concepts more easily. As the AP Calculus teacher, he has had great success with his students scoring well on AP tests. Students have returned from college to say that his calculus class truly prepared them for college math classes." - Shirley R. (my Math Department Chair)
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Cynthia H.
1 on 1: $80 / hr
Dickinson School of Law at Penn State University
My academic expertise and personable teaching style, coupled with my 20 years of private tutoring experience and eight years of teaching math classes, enable me to provide effective and engaging instruction. I get to know each student's learning style, personality, areas of academic difficulty, and strengths so that I can target areas of weakness while capitalizing on each student's strengths. After winning 1st place in PA in math competitions, I served as the Assistant Coach for Germantown Friends School's MathCounts team. In that capacity, I taught small math classes and offered one-on-one help to students. From there, I began private tutoring and discovered the efficacy of tailoring my instruction to each individual learner. After graduating as the top student in my major (microbiology), I began tutoring science and test prep as well. Unlike many tutors who are only now transitioning to online platforms due to the coronavirus, I have years of experience tutoring online. I have the same three clearances/background checks that classroom teachers have (FBI fingerprint report, state criminal history check, child abuse clearance). PLEASE NOTE: There is room to list only one number in the rate section of this profile but my rates vary by subject, level, and academic (i.e. for school classes) tutoring vs. standardized test prep (SAT, ACT, etc.) because those factors all affect how many unpaid hours (lesson-planning, etc.) are needed for every paid hour of tutoring. While I could attract more students by charging less and consequently not putting in those unpaid hours, it is important to me to do the prep work needed to deliver tailored, efficient, and impactful lessons.
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Michael K.
1 on 1: $60 / hr
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Hi! It's nice to meet you :) I'm Michael Kang. As a portfolio analyst at Pearson Education, the world's leading education company, I work closely with financial experts and company executives to manage an extensive portfolio with a budget of over 30 million USD. I am a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (go Heels!), where I got my Bachelor's in Statistics and Analytics. My coursework at UNC-CH included the standard courses one would expect to encounter in statistics (calculus, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, probability theory, optimization, etc) and more specialized graduate-level courses such as stochastic modeling, time series analysis, and machine learning. When it comes to tutoring experience, you're in luck! With over 8 years of tutoring experience (6+ years professional experience), I have worked with 100s of students. In the past, I was a part of a local tutoring company called Clinical Teaching, where I worked closely with 20+ special needs students, improving grades by 10-15%, ACT scores by at least 3 points, and SAT scores by ~200 points. Most recently, I was an academic tutor at my university where I tutored over 50 students via Zoom in general statistics courses (probability theory, data analytics, etc.) & advanced statistics courses (stochastic modeling, optimization, etc.). During this time, a vast majority of my students were able to improve by at least one whole letter grade. It is my belief that anyone can improve drastically given a slight push and proper guidance. For that reason, I utilize a metacognitive approach to guide students to independent success by focusing on student growth via effective & customized study strategies, problem identification, and skillset expansion. If you made it here, then I thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.
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David L.
1 on 1: $50 / hr
Columbia University
Hi! Welcome! My name is David Lian, and I am currently an undergraduate at Columbia University in the city of New York. I am especially passionate about math and science and am happy to help you or your child succeed as a student! During my time in high school, I gained experience tutoring kids math in my town as part of my high school's math tutoring club, and I saw the impact of making learning engaging firsthand. I know the frustration of bad teaching, and as your math or science tutor, I want to be as clear as possible when explaining so that YOU can actually understand. Credentials: In high school, I received A's/A+'s in every high school class and was ahead in math. I scored 800 on the SAT Math section, 800 on the SAT Math Level II, and received a 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam. College classes: Multivariate Calculus, Heat Electricity and Optics, Ordinary Differential Equations, Modern Physics, Honors Mathematics A, Honors Mathematics B, Accelerated Physics I, Accelerated Physics II Other tests: AP Physics C Mechanics: 5 AP Chemistry: 5 AP Statistics: 5 AP Computer Science A: 5 AP Psychology: 5 AP World History: 5 AP US History: 5 AP Macroeconomics: 5 AP English Language and Composition: 5 SAT Chemistry: 800 Research Experience: Nanomagnetism Lab - Used magnetron sputtering machine to build sensors, worked to build faraday cage to block Electromagnetic interference Cancer Lab - Employed both computer modeling and experimental studies to try to identify small molecule compounds that can inhibit the Hippo pathway to potentially slow down the metastatic growth of cancer cells
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Aniela C.
1 on 1: $25 / hr
University of Michigan
Hi! My name is Aniela, and I am 21 years old and a recent graduate of the University of Michigan! This summer I am hoping to tutor biology and math, and in August will be moving to Chicago to work as a consultant for a consulting firm, so if you have any questions about applying to post-college jobs, would love to answer any questions! During high school, I attend the International Academy, took HL IB biology, history, and English, and SL IB Spanish, Math, and Chemistry. I also tutored a 5th and 6th grader in math for two years. While in college I majored in molecular cellular and developmental biology (MCDB), as well as history, and I followed the pre-med track. Outside of classes, I worked as a research assistant in a pediatric genetics lab at the University of Michigan for 3 years. I also was a peer facilitator for two years for an organization at Michigan called the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. As a peer facilitator, I helped underclassmen find research positions by assisting them as they created resumes and cover letters and interviewed for research positions. I also held bi-weekly seminars that highlighted different aspects of research, such as research ethics and research-related community outreach. At the end of the year, each student presents a poster highlighting the research they conduct over the year at a research symposium. I assisted and gave feedback to each student throughout the process of developing their posters. I also was a part of a pre-medical fraternity called Phi Delta Epsilon. Outside of school, I was the sponsorship chair for a club called Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan, which helps raise funds for and assists with therapies for children at Mott Children's Hospital. Here is a list of relevant course work I took in college- - Math: Calc 1, Calc 2, Intro to Stats - Biology: Intro Biology Lab, Genetics, Animal Physiology, and several upper-level biology classes for my major - Chemistry: Organic Chemistry 1, Organic Chemistry 1 Lab, Organic Chemistry 2, Organic Chemistry 2 Lab, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, and several upper-level chemistry classes for my major - Physics: Physics 1, Physics 1 Lab, Physics 2, and Physics 2 Lab - Sociology for pre-meds - Intro to psychology - I have also studied for and taken the MCAT On a less serious note, I really like to run, ski, and bake, but most of all really enjoy spending time with friends and family and traveling and exploring with them! I would love to get to know you and help tutor you in any way that I can!
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Gabriel S.
1 on 1: $50 / hr
Swarthmore College
Hi there! I’m a junior in the Honors Program at Swarthmore College; I study Biology and Urban Planning and Policy (a major I designed myself!) with a 3.97 GPA. I’ve been helping people learn for a long time: I have five years of tutoring experience with students of all ages across all academic subjects; I’ve worked as a teaching assistant at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC; and I taught my own geography curriculum to middle schoolers for six years. A little bit more about my academic credentials: I’m a National Merit Scholar, a US Presidential Scholar Semifinalist, a Pinkerton and Lang Science Scholar, a two-time National AP Scholar with Distinction, and a two-time New York State champion in the National Geographic Bee. I graduated cum laude from the Collegiate School, a prestigious independent high school in New York (with a 3.97 GPA); as for standardized testing, I received a perfect 36 and a perfect raw score on every section of the ACT (that is, I answered every question on the exam correctly). Outside of tutoring, I currently work in a neurobiology lab, where I research the dynamics of spatial memory formation in the hippocampus. I’ve also worked extensively in politics, including as the Organizing Director for a state legislative campaign, a US Senate Page, and an extern for a state Attorney General. Please reach out to schedule a session! I’d love to meet you and get the chance to work with you/your child.