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Corey S.
1 on 1: $80 / hr
Trenton State College - Master's Degree in Education
My name is Corey Saines and I have 24+ years experience teaching mathematics at an in-person high school. For 23 years of that journey, I taught AP Calculus AB and Algebra 2 and have prepared hundreds of students for the AP exam and College Calculus. When a student says "I don't understand", I use my wit, creativity, and deep sea of math knowledge from breaking down these topics over 24+ years of teaching. I've taught thousands of high school students and never failed to find a relatable or humorous perspective that a student couldn't grasp. Graduate level brain research courses have taught me that new ideas are not stored in your mind chronologically. Instead, new ideas connect to established concepts that your student already understands. So, established concepts and skills have a natural "stickiness" to them...just waiting for new concepts to be compared to them. My clever and zany use of analogies keeps students entertained and engaged while connecting new skills to what your student already knows. My specialty and joy is to help your student find a way to relate to the beauty of mathematics and become a logical, procedural, and more confident creative thinker. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Mr. Saines has gone the extra mile to help me understand mathematics and now I intend to do a lot more than I would have if he had not been my math teacher. " - Keith R. "You are the only math teacher that explained everything in a way that I understood." - Kate C. "With the solid foundation in higher mathematics that Mr. Saines provided, our son, Chris, has succeeded in a mechanical engineering program at Colorado School of Mines." - Bill W. "Trigonometry is something I know I won't use in my lifetime. However, he [Mr. Saines] helps the class understand how it might apply to solving everyday problems. If a student does not understand what is going on he rephrases what he says and makes sure that each individual student is able to do his/her homework. His lessons are entertaining and interesting. The class flies by and I come out of it feeling like I actually learned something. He is a gifted teacher and qualified to do any task asked of him." - Rebecca U. "Mr. Saines is a very good teacher, and is much better than any other math teacher I have been taught by. His ability to connect with his students, plus his exceptional teaching has really impressed me. He helps students effectively, quickly, and efficiently. His sharp wit and delightful personality make his class one to look forward to, a rare quality in a math teacher." - Jim F. "Mr. Saines has a variety of creative and effective teaching methods. This variety ensures understanding of material to all students, which is important, as math does not come easy for the majority of students. Mr. Saines manages to maintain calmness throughout the entire class hour, which promotes calmness among students. Mr. Saines is patient and tolerant of all students and their individual learning styles and needs. He treats each student with respect." - Annie C. "Thank you for always being there and helping me through your class." - Brock B. "When I had you for Calculus it always excited me to go to class. I know I would have a good time and learn." - Elliot S. "The journey to get to this point [the completion of Calculus] has been difficult and I couldn't have done it without your help and guidance through the last few years." - Kayla D. "You are by far the best teacher I've ever had. You made me a stronger student by making me a more confident individual." - Riley B. "Out of all the teachers I've had thus far, Mr. Saines stands out for his unique teaching approach, his exuberant nature, and the endless encouragement he gives his students. One of the first things you notice about him is his approach to education is how unconventional he can be. It is one thing to simply teach content, but another to morph it into a new concept that makes more sense than the original topic. Mr. Saines’ teaching style helped me grasp concepts easily, succeed in class, and pay more attention to what was going on." - Julie H. "Mr. Saines is dedicated to bringing out the best in students, challenging them to think critically, setting expectations high, and receiving quality outputs. He is organized, plans effective lessons, and naturally reflects on his teaching practices - in search of continued improvement." - Victoria S. (my Assistant Principal) "Corey is a truly gifted educator. His content knowledge is vast, having taught many different levels of mathematics and computer science courses at our high school. He will surely have a positive effect on any students he works with." - Erin S. (fellow Math Teacher) "Corey's content knowledge of secondary mathematics is exceptional! His colleagues often come to him for help when they are struggling to solve challenging problems in other math content areas. [He has] ....great rapport with his students....creative in his explanations of the math concepts...enabling his students to grasp and remember concepts more easily. As the AP Calculus teacher, he has had great success with his students scoring well on AP tests. Students have returned from college to say that his calculus class truly prepared them for college math classes." - Shirley R. (my Math Department Chair)