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"My daughters quiz grade in Algebra 2 started going up. She started with a 67% and just with taking 3 classes with Harrison her quiz grades had gone up to a 98%. It has been going great."

Norma G.
"Kevin is awesome! He broke down the Algebra l problems so I could understand them properly. Definitely book your math lessons with him, you will not be disappointed!"

Destinee S.
"Christina is patient and asks questions throughout each session. Her focus is making sure that you understand a concept in order to get to the correct answer on your own. After each lesson she will send post lesson plans and practice problems to work on in between sessions."

Aesara R.
"Fain is great. He is very accessible, responds quickly, very flexible when it comes to scheduling and, most importantly, very receptive to working together on how to create a lesson plan that would best fit my son and his specific needs moving forward."

Joey S.
"Robin is an excellent tutor. She came in with a good preparation and was doing a great job in leading students during the tutoring session. I highly recommend Robin as an English tutor."

George Y.
"Bindhu was very helpful with the first assessment and coming up with a plan to help my son improve his reading and writing skills."

Michael J.
"Meredith is an excellent tutor. Instead of pointing out what needs to be changed on an essay, she asked good questions and encouraged my son to think and come up with ideas himself."

Ivy M.
"David is amazing and is making a huge difference in my daughter’s understanding of chemistry! Highly recommended!"

Christal L.

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